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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

Funny Racer is an entertaining 3D car racing game intended for kids. You will race against computer opponents, controlling your car with the cursor movement keys. It is possible to choose between two tracks and drive any of the four cars. While racing, you can pick up tools that appear on the road.
Doing so will fix your car, a much needed thing since your car will suffer a lot of damage from hitting walls, fences, and other cars during the race. If you do not fix your car, and the damage is too serious, the race will be over for you.

Each course consists of three laps. You will see a speedometer, your current position, and the number of remaining laps. One strange fact is that the game does not warn you when you are running in the wrong direction. The cars do not tumble, no matter how hard they hit something - they just stop. The three-dimensional environments you will be racing in are complete with people, trucks, other cars, houses, bridges, trees, and more.

The game has very low system requirements, and both the interface and the controls have been specifically designed with very young users in mind.


  • It is great fun.
  • The 3D environments are really good.
  • Kid-friendly.


  • None.

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